Friday, August 1, 2008

Laugh Laugh!!

This day happen to me is too many. Like the two my friend Regina and Angeline, i don't know what happen of two. Also they planned a buy a ring the symbolize for being a friends for ever but the problem what name put in the ring if tropang sapatos it too long name or if a name it good but what symbolize the name?? so that they planned it. Im happy in this day Because P.E classes and the professor was 6:00 only to dismiss so that they go in malabon city square or called MC. Why to go in MC to see the ring. Also in my subject Engling 106 or philippines literature i have too many learn in the story i dont know that is the tittle of that but im sure if you read it you see the compare for being a rich and being a poor only. It lived only in cemetery and they grave the Chinese merchant to get the gold or the things that can live in 1 day. I enjoy this day, because it now coming the 1st ever movie that will make of my friends.just stay tune for more information.


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